Loma Media approached Bryant Coffey, Inc. to assist in extending an edit they made to gain awareness and fundraising support for a new World War I memorial being built at Pershing Park. They had created a shorter 3-minute version and were looking to make an extended version to be played at
fundraising events throughout the campaign.

Written and Executive Produced by John De Bello, it turned into a phenomenal piece. It was a challenging edit, due to the content and ensuring that the footage we were using was representative of World War I and not any other war. I’ve never before edited with a history book in my hand to ensure accuracy,
so that was a cool new experience.

By utilizing this video, the World War One Centennial Commission was able to secure funding for the memorial and recently, the plans were reviewed and approved by the Washington DC Commission of Fine Arts.

National World War I Memorial
at Pershing Park