"Bryant brings an incomparable focus to the details of a project, with a devotion to wringing every last possible improvement out of the final product, no matter how minor it may seem. His eye for detail is accompanied by a methodical thoroughness that is rare even in film production." 

George B. Kelly
Producer & Director

"There's nothing I wouldn't trust him with, for he has the highest standards, morals and will do whatever it takes to get the job done well and satisfy the client. His work ethic and professionalism, along with a fun, kind, and warm personality, make Bryant simply an all-around wonderful employee, teammate, and person! I am certain he will be successful in all that he sets out to accomplish."

Ariella Quatra, 
Senior Producer

"Working with Bryant is something to experience. Dependable doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. Not only does he make a great teammate, but he's also well liked with clients. They love working with Bryant because of his uncanny way of always getting things done. Plus he does a great job explaining the process/project to them in a way that they can understand."

Elijah Hatcher
Agency Account Director

"I have worked closely with Bryant Coffey and it has truly been a pleasure to witness his progression in all matters of artistic, technical and professional growth. Starting with his general character and positive attitude, two key attributes already firmly in place when he was hired, yielded a responsible, self-starting and very eager employee.  

Bryant displayed solid knowledge of various software applications as well as a strong aptitude for technical theory that was well beyond both our expectations and his years.

Any company or organization lucky enough to snag Bryant would not only be making a very wise decision on a choice of employee, but would also acquire a loyal, reliable and hardworking individual." 

Jeff Casagrande
Media Production Manager

"I met Bryant in 2012 when he was right out of college looking for his first industry full time job and I must say he didn’t disappoint. What impressed me most about Bryant was the smile he had on his face every day and his willing to learn and be part of a team. 

Bryant has not only become a very experienced editor and graphic artist but takes on any challenge with a smile and is willing to work long hours to get the end result."  

Adam Sturgeon
Freelance Video Editor

"Bryant and I worked together for two years and in that time I came to respect not only his work ethic but also his insatiable desire to expand his creative and professional capabilities. Add to that the fact that he's a really nice guy and fun to work with and you've got one heck of a teammate."  

Phil Schulz
Agency Account Director

"Bryant is one of a kind. He has the perfect mix of curiosity and intrigue, and technical and editing skills, as well as fearlessness and commitment, to be an asset to any project. My favorite part about Bryant, besides his demeanor, is that I could throw a technical challenge at him, and without blinking, he would tackle and solve it. I trusted him with the most challenging projects." 

Megan McKenna, 
Agency President & CEO

"Bryant has a keen eye for both detail and beauty and he brings this eye to every project he's a part of. He is fast, reliable and above all else a pleasure to be around."

Ryan Scott
Freelance Motion Designer

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"As a producer, I came to rely on him often. I knew I could always trust Bryant to execute any task, large or small. In the midst of this, Bryant always displayed a refreshingly positive attitude. Bryant is a very dedicated and talented individual and I would highly recommend him to any organization."

Patrick Roche
Multimedia Producer / Project Manager