I'm a freelance video editor and motion graphics artist
with an agency mindset. 

Every day, I see different people, workflows and ideas which I collect into a uniquely customized
system that allows me to be faster and more dynamic in every project I take on.

Every agency I work with has a way they work best.  
Over the years, I’ve seen hundreds of processes and a recurring theme always emerges: 

Observe.  Analyze.  Create.  Deliver.



Everyone has a vision and a story to tell. I work with directors, producers, editors and personnel across the spectrum of the agency world. To be able to take a step back and observe different situations, take in different opinions, mindsets and ideas allows me to provide a unique perspective to any task at hand.



Observation is just the first step. You have to be able to take those ideas and come up with the most effective way to accomplish a requested vision and style. I am able to do so, by analyzing client briefs, scripts, mood boards and assets to accomplish the requested vision and deliver the best product possible.



This is where the magic happens. I combine observation and analysis to comb through all of the production elements – footage, takes, audio, graphics and more to put together the best end product. Working alongside client and agency partners, we’re able to quickly come up with the best process of attack, to create the final edit.



All of the above is moot if you cannot deliver. I’ve been through deadlines that would make lesser people curl up and cry – I have never missed one. With a combination of extensive software knowledge and time saving tactics, alongside my drive and passion, allowing me to deliver high quality products on time and effectively.

My Tools

I work with the highest grade industry standard equipment, applications and plugins.  I am not afraid to get my hands dirty learning the latest and greatest techniques to make me a
better, more efficient creative

My equipment list includes a spec’d out 27” Retina 5K Apple iMac alongside a 27” Dell 4K Color Critical LCD Display and a 12TB RAID 5 Thunderbolt server.  My software is comprised of the latest suites from Adobe, Apple and Red Giant as well as customized on and off-site backup solutions alongside an Enterprise-Class Hybrid Cloud Platform to ensure data safety, security and the ability to receive and deliver assets quickly and efficiently.


Changes? No Problem.

I utilize Frame.io, an industry standard content management and review system. Used by the world’s top brands, it allows us to make better video faster. With frame-accurate comments and the ability to annotate and illustrate client thoughts clearly, feedback is easy to give and easy to digest – creating a simple approval process.

We can work together easily and efficiently.
Anywhere on the planet.

In addition to Frame.io I also employ two screen sharing services with Google Hangouts and TeamViewer. This allows the ability to work through live changes, on the fly, should the need arise. I like to think of myself as an extension to anybody’s team, large or small, with the capabilities to assist – whenever and wherever needed.



Data Safety and Security

A freelancer is only as good as their organizational skills and safety precautions.  What’s point of hiring someone if they aren't going to take care of your sensitive information?  

I have a unique, 3-tiered data safety and security system, alongside a fail-safe archive system to ensure your data is protected throughout every step of the process.  

Raid 5 Server Protection

RAID 5 Server Protection

RAID Server protection is the first step in data protection. I have all client data spread across RAID 5 parity protection and in the event of a hard drive failure, your data and projects stay protected.


Daily On-Site Server Clone

RAID protection is a great start, but if the server itself corrupts, that can be difficult and expensive to recover from.  In addition to RAID protection, I employ a secondary on-site server  backup as an additional precaution.


Real-Time Cloud Backup

Lastly, I employ the ultimate in data safety and security for client files with an automatic backup, in real-time, to my Secure Hybrid Cloud Platform.   This ensures your data remains safe in the event of a natural disaster or catastrophic system failure.

Project Archival & Storage

In addition to the above safety and security protocols, I help to ensure your continued project and data safety by archiving finalized project data to on-site archival drives, stored in a secure, disaster-proof data vault, while keeping an additional backup on BCI’s Secure Hybrid Cloud Platform.   This is an extra layer of protection for my clients, should data loss or system failures be encountered on the client side in the future.  If you encounter any problems, just let me know, I'm happy to deliver a download link to your assets, or put them on a drive and ship them to you.  

Speed Matters

I love technology.  I am always upgrading my equipment to make sure my gear is as fast as I am.  However, I also have the fastest internet currently available to me.  Why?  Because with a Hybrid Cloud Platform, continuously safeguarding all of the work I do, it has to be fast. 

I have a direct Gigabit connection, providing over 940 Mbps of blazing speed.  This allows me to digitally receive and deliver assets quickly. 

Call me up if you ever find yourself "waiting" on work to be done.  

Rest "Insured"

I'm always a person who thinks positively and looks for the best outcome with everything, however, I'm also a realist and I know that things can and do happen.  Therefore, I choose to be fully insured with a $1,000,000/$2,000,000 liability policy.  This allows me to put myself at ease, knowing that every step of the way, I am looking out for my clients' best interests.