Digital & Social Media Web Series

Client: Scripps Network Interactive | Travel Channel
Production Company: Grace Does

Grace Does approached Bryant Coffey, Inc. to assist with editorial on a new web and social media series for Travel Channel, Explore: Las Vegas. This series featured a variety of videos showing what to see and do while you’re visiting the area. We had a great time cutting and the client was thrilled with the results.

Travel Channel: Explore Las Vegas

The main 16:9 web series, displayed on Travel Channel

Explore Las Vegas: Suite Stays

I really had a great time with this portion of the Explore: Las Vegas series. Grace Does and his production team spent a few days traveling to various hotels in Las Vegas to film their ultra-luxury suites. Ranging from $5,000 to $100,000/night, it was a real trip to see all of the footage and put together some pieces that showed the spots where ultra wealthy love to stay.


(Director’s Cut)


Explore: Las Vegas - Social Videos

The secondary 1:1 social media series, shown to Travel Channel’s
4.5M+ Followers across Facebook