Broadcast Management Group called on me to assist with a 4-day editorial project on-site at Comic-Con in San Diego.  I packed up my system with all of my gear and hightailed it downtown where I cranked out and delivered multiple social media videos every day. 

Here are some of my favorites:

The Fans Guide to

Are you a Comic-Con fan?  Have you ever wanted to go?  What do you do when you get there?  This video is all about the fan favorites at Comic-Con.

Pokémon Go Fever Hits Comic-Con

Pokémon Go!  The mobile game taking over the country, and of course, it's at Comic-Con!  This is all about the crazed fans representing their favorite Pokémon thorughout the convention. 

Comic-Con Cosplay

What's Comic-Con without Cosplay?  Nothing.  It's nothing.  This is all about the awesome costumes you'll find at Comic-Con.