Product Demonstration Videos

Client:  LPL Financial
Agency:  Opts Ideas | Total Creative

LPL Financial and their live event partner Opts Ideas were putting on a major event and they needed a lot of videos done quickly.  They called on Total Creative and I, to put together 17 videos in a very short timeline of only 9 days.  

We worked around the clock with myself, two motion designers, a live-action compositor and the producers of Total Creative and Opts Ideas to manage and approve scripts, edit the content, apply the graphical looks, populate all of the textual data, render and deliver.  

In addition to the lead editor role, I also took on a project management role, ensuring everyone was on the same page, every step of the way.  

The Marketing Gateway

This video detailed LPL's new one stop shop marketing platform allowing their financial advisors to reach clients in an engaging and effective way.

Account View

This video detailed LPL's new Account View management platform they were debuting to clients and financial advisors.