Value Proposition Videos

Client:  DXC Technology
Agency:  Loma Media

DXC Technology has a robust network of over 250 industry-leading strategic and solution partners ready to deliver the right team and right solution to address complex, critical client business challenges.  

I've worked with Loma Media's editorial team since 2016 to edit together dozens of full length and social media "snackable" videos, detailing the relationships between DXC and their high-level strategic partners.

Similar to the DXC Partner Spotlight category, Value Proposition videos provide a look into DXC's Solution Partners, a specialized list of companies which provide innovative solutions that solve complex, critical client challenges driven by the increasing demands of the digital world.

DXC Value Proposition: FireEye

Security is a connected, multi-layered ecosystem.  DXC Technology and enterprise cybersecurity company, FireEye, work together to scale nation-grade threat intelligence systems, keeping customers focused on what matters most, driving business outcomes.