Individual Offering Videos

Client:  DXC Technology
Agency:  Loma Media

The drive to digital requires enterprises to reshape business fundamentals, because the only measure of digital impact, is business value.  DXC Technology offers a full set of services and solutions to help businesses succeed with their digital transformation.

Loma Media called me up to assist their editorial team with videos for the 8 primary offerings that DXC focuses on, during their quest to provide digital transformation to its clients.  In addition to the 8 primary offering videos, we put together several social media "snackable" videos to allow DXC to reach a wide social audience across the globe.  

Below is one of my favorite full length and snackable pairings from the series:

DXC Technology: BPS Offering

The way we work is changing.  Robotic Process Automation is the application of software to interact with systems and process transactions in the same way a human worker would. Virtual workers and robots, mimic the keystrokes, clicks and many other repetitive activities without requiring human assistance.  I assisted Loma Media in all editorial aspects of this video alongside their motion graphic design team, to create this video showing how DXC's Business Process Services meets the demands of the digital consumer, while reducing operational costs through cloud transformation.

DXC Technology: BPS Data "Snackable"

"Data is the currency of the future."  This social media "snackable" is a brief sampling of  DXC's Business Process Services and how it drives the next set of innovations.