Digital & Social Media Web Series

Client: Scripps Network Interactive | DIY Network
Production Company: Grace Does

Grace Does approached Bryant Coffey, Inc. to assist with editorial on a new social media series for DIY Network's Ultimate Retreat 2018 showing off the area of Asheville, North Carolina and its surrounding area. 

From ingest and proxy for 12 hours of 4K and 1080 formats, multi-camera, external audio, indoor and outdoor interviews, editorial, color, and mix of dialogue, SFX and 36 music tracks, we put together just over 18 minutes of content in 3.5 weeks.  We had a blast!

DIY Network: Ultimate Retreat 2018

The main 16:9 web series, displayed on DIY Network

Ultimate Retreat 2018:  Social Versions

The secondary 1:1 social media series, shown to DIY Network's 1.1M+ followers